Buy Local

Buying Local Is Worth Every Cent

Quality of life touches every aspect of our city. It affects the growth rate by attracting residents, economic vitality by attracting businesses to locate or expand in our community, and tourism by providing amenities that draw visitors to McKinney. What many McKinney residents may not know is that decisions to buy local have a direct impact on quality of life in this community. 

Project Funding

Working in partnership with city and community leaders, businesses and nonprofit organizations, the McKinney Community Development Corporation’s seven-member volunteer board grants sales tax dollars for quality of life projects throughout the city. Today, McKinney has 42 parks. More than 2,000 acres of open spaces, neighborhood centers and sports complexes, provide McKinney residents the opportunity to create a lifestyle centered around health, family, fun and fitness.

More Project Information

For more information, please see our Recent Projects page.