Total Approved Funds


Approved Project Description Project # Category
$12,500 Heritage Guild of Collin County - Farmers Market, Living History Days, Ice Cream Crank-off, Ghost Walk P&C#14-01 Promotional/Community Event
$3,000 Kiwanis Club of McKinney - Historic McKinney Triathlon P&C#14-02 Promotional/Community Event
McKinney Housing Authority - After School Program P&C#14-03 N/A - Proposal Denied
$7,000 McKinney Main Street - Arts in Bloom P&C#14-04 Promotional/Community Event
$1,000 North Collin County Habitat for Humanity - ReStore Anniversary Celebration P&C#14-05 Promotional/Community Event
$4,500 Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association - X Country Mountain Bike Race P&C#14-06 Promotional/Community Event
$8,500 Smiles Charity - Memorial Day Concert P&C#14-07 Promotional/Community Event
$11,000 Strikes Against Cancer - Youth Baseball Tournament P&C#14-08 Promotional/Community Event
$2,500 Volunteer McKinney - Spirit of McKinney; Youth Summit; Volunteer Manager Appreciation Event P&C#14-09 Promotional/Community Event
$4,500 Collin County Historical Society - Vietnam Syndrome Exhibit P&C#14-10 Promotional/Community Event
$4,570 Empty Bowls - Benefiting Community Lifeline P&C#14-11 Promotional/Community Event
$8,000 Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney - Run the Trails Fun Run & More P&C#14-12 Promotional/Community Event
$10,000 Especially Needed - Celebrating Our Difference P&C#14-13 Promotional/Community Event
$15,000 McKinney Main Street - 2014 Oktoberfest P&C#14-14 Promotional/Community Event
$3,500 McKinney Rotary Foundation - Parade of Lights P&C#14-15 Promotional/Community Event
$2,000,000 Project Heat #14-01 Economic Development/Job Creation and Retention
$2,600 Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association - Rehabilitation and Re-route Sections of Trail in Erwin Park #14-02 Parks and Open Space Improvement
$51,000 City of McKinney/McKinney Fire Department - Restoration of Vintage Fire Engine for Fire Museum #14-03 Entertainment/Museum/Tourism
$150,000 McKinney Housing Authority - Redevelopment of Newsome Homes #14-04 Affordable Housing
St. Peter's Episcopal Church - St. Peter's Artist Run Community #14-05 N/A - Proposal Denied
$200,000 Samaritan Inn- Infrastructure Improvements at Site of New Facility #14-06 Economic Development Job Creation and Retention/Affordable Housing
$300,000 McKinney Housing Authority - Redevelopment of Newsome Homes #14-07 Affordable Housing
$1,500,000 City of McKinney/McKinney National Airport - Construction of Transient Hangar #14-08 Economic Development/Projects Related to Airport Facilities
$24,000,000 City of McKinney - McKinney Aquatics and Fitness Center #14-09 Recreational Facility
$394,500 City of McKinney - Parks and Recreation/ Supplemental Funding for Capital Purchase #14-10 Parks and Open Space Improvement/Maintenance
$2,278,185 City of McKinney - Parks & Recreation/Land Acquisition; Park Development and Construction #14-11 Parks and Open Space Improvement
$218,500 Texoma Area Paratransit System - Bus Shelters; Signage, Seating, Bike Racks #14-12 Mass Transit Related Projects
$188,870 North Collin County Habitat for Humanity - Low Income Housing Restoration; Lot Acquisition for Home Construction #14-13 Affordable Housing
$12,000 Heritage Guild of Collin County - Electrical Work for B&B Conversion #14-14 Museum, Entertainment, Tourism
$17,108 Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary - Retaining Wall; Railing; Lighting #14-15 Museum, Entertainment, Tourism